Need a little help with some cleanup of your garden? We have a wide variety of garden & landscape maintenance services that we can provide as often as required, but we can also do them at your desired schedule. Please feel free to read more below or contact us today!

Soil analyses

Our experts will take samples of your existing soil and conduct a wide array of tests to determine how to bring your lawns and gardens back into shape.

Hand weeding

Got a weed problem? You won't after our team of de-weeders gets done with your lawn.

Shrub pruning

Shrubs require air, light and water to grow. Get your shrubs pruned or trimmed properly and create an attractive garden display with our team of fully trained pruning staff.

Compost Tea application and Effective Microbes (E.M.)

Our team of professionals will spray your gardens and lawns with this extremely potent organic solution that is guaranteed to create a healthier soil. With healthy soil, you get healthier, happier and much more prolific gardens!

Hedge trimming

We can cut any size or type of hedges into any shape you like in a quick and efficient manner.

Lawn health management

Our team of professionals will keep your lawn lush, green and attractive, all season!

Installation & management of composting systems

We can purchase or build the perfect composters to suit your needs. This in turn will create the best possible composts for your lawns and gardens.

Tree preservation & management :

All trees require maintenance. Whether it be to fertilize, crown raise, thin or reduce the canopy, let us keep your trees healthy and attractive with our seasoned tree professionals.

Tree pruning

Get a handle on the growth and spread of your surrounding trees with our team of tree experts.

Tree risk assessments

Allow one of our certified arborists to provide a tree risk assessment for you. We can provide all the advice you need to ensure you keep your large trees as attractive as possible.

Spiral thinning

Keep your trees the proper height and thickness with our professional tree experts.

Crown raising

Cultivate attractively crowned trees with our professional tree team.

Stump grinding

Do you have an unsightly stump left over? Get that ugly stump out of your lawn or garden for good with the help of one of our experienced stump grinding professionals.

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