Let's make your garden fly!

It's time to get your landscaping design done properly and sustainably. With Ladybug we consult with you to figure out the perfect design for your outdoor space. Do your part for the planet while beautifying your natural living space, book a consultation with Ladybug today!


Landscape Consultation

One on One personalized consultation to bring your dream yard to life.


Allow us the opportunity to create that special outdoor room that you'd love to escape to at the end of a long day.


Everyone loves privacy. Allow us to create the perfect screen with a combination of one of our custom fences, along with well-positioned landscape trees and large shrubs.


Most truly beautiful spaces have garden accents such as an arbour or "walk-through". Enable one of our master carpenters to create your custom arbour.


Pergolas are unique privacy screens that, when well positioned, really help make and outdoor space seem larger. Enable one of our master carpenters to create a custom pergola for you.


Let us create that perfect balance between nature and comfort for your space. Either a majestic waterfall or a tranquil pond sculpted to fit your yard perfectly... the choice is yours.


Enable us to create a personalized landscape layout design that includes the perfect patio for you.

Cement work

Whether you have the perfect path layout already, or you are looking for help, when we are done, your path will be magnificent.


Looking to create some outdoor storage space without compromising your landscape design? We can help you create and integrate a unique shed into your yard while maintaining your personal landscape design.


If you're trying to create that ideal fun space for your children while maintaining optimum safety and maintaining your existing landscape design, you have come to the right place.

Landscape Lighting

Looking to turn your outdoor space into the perfect spot to host a dinner party? We can help you find the perfect lights to match your beautiful yard.

Landscape Irrigation

Does your garden not get enough water? We can help you get the proper irrigation systems into place to help your garden flourish.

Drainage Services

Excess moisture can be a real mess! We have drainage experts on our staff to assist you in reclaiming those swampy places in your yard.

Retaining Walls

Sometimes it makes sense to add a retaining wall for aesthetic or functional purposes, make sure your retaining wall stands the test of time by ensuring it is done properly.

Vegetable Gardens

There is so much satisfaction that you get from pulling vegetables from your garden yourself (not to mention the high cost of food), let us help you find the perfect plants for your garden.

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