I can’t believe that this is my first (and last) official blog post on our website as President of this great company. I say last, as I am officially retiring from my post as President.

Don’t worry, I am still one of the owners and will be helping out with marketing and sales until we find that special someone to fill this position, but as of last night, at midnight, I am no longer involved in the day-to-day operations and management of the company.

It’s been over 20 PHENOMENAL YEARS! I can’t believe where the time has gone. It seems just like yesterday that I started this organization, knocking on doors and helping out my neighbours and friends. Now, she’s all grown up, and it’s time for her to spread her Ladybug wings and take flight!

Thank you to all my wonderful staff over the years for upholding the highest level of standards set out, and bringing us to this turning point, not only for me but for this company. Without you, we would not be here today! To our clients and friends, thank you for supporting us over the many years! From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you! To the local charities we have helped (and continue to do so), thank you for being such wonderful examples of the true purpose of humanity! You all continue to inspire me to move forward and become the best version of myself!

We are at this pivotal moment for the true trajectory of this company! With our attention set on creating an abundant surplus of food and flowers for our community, by choosing to grow and/or source plants that not only flower but that those same flowers are edible, to be used as wonderful garnishes on a healthy salad! Your plate! Having access to our very own organic fruits and berries from one of our patio pots or containers, picked fresh to be enjoyed as a pre-breakfast snack! We have introduced edibles such as rainbow chard as a wonderful display of colour dancing at the feet of the shrubs in our client’s garden beds… My point is, it is time for all of us to become the Re-generators for our planet, regenerators of our soil! We have to do everything we possibly can to reduce our carbon footprint to get us to the goal of Zero Waste as quickly as possible! Together and collectively, I truly believe we can do it. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you seek in this World”.

This was my dream from the very beginning. To create a company whose focus is on Sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Educating others on how to heal the soil through the use of our compost tea applications, composting in place, and use of cardboard and/or newspaper for sheet mulching (this feeds carbon directly back into the soil as they break down). There are so many ways we could be upcycling and reusing products destined for recycling or even worse, the landfill.

Along with the recent introduction of our brand new Composté  System (on backorder from our supplier and to be in our shop very soon), and the creation of the Ladybug Love Foundation for young men and women and Hemp Farming projects both here and in Zimbabwe, I have realized that my own career path as a Sustainability Expert and Guide is honestly more important than my position as President of Ladybug! If I am going to effect real change in this world, I must devote more time to these (and other) projects. As well as being a business coach and mentor to other business owners, hleping with out-of-the-box sales and marketing techniques, and starting and running the Positive People’s Podcast (shameless plug…lol), my long-term plan is to eventually become a motivational speaker, advocating for Our Mother Earth, on a much larger scale.

Wherever you are in your life, I invite you to journey within, truly connect with who you are, what your ultimate purpose is for being here, and what your God-given talents are…and find a way to share those talents with the rest of humanity!

Till we meet again…may God bless you and provide guidance in this and all areas of your life! If you need some assistance in facilitating any of this transformation, hopefully, you know where to find me…