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Mulching and Garden Winterization services in Surrey and throughout Metro Vancouver!

Many people think stop thinking of their gardens when the days get cooler, but Fall is the best time to prepare your garden for Winter! Mulch is one of the best ways to protect your garden for the long term.

Mulch Is Used To:

  • Retain moisture in the soil,
  • Suppress weeds,
  • Keep the soil cool,
  • Prevent frost heading in winter,
  • Make the garden bed look more attractive.

Why Go Organic?

Organic mulches also helps improve the soil's structure, drainage, and nutrient-holding capacity as they decompose.

If you’re looking for a landscaping team to take care of your Mulching and Garden Winterization in Surrey and all around Metro Vancouver, you've come to the right place!We have over 18 years of experience in Organic Landscaping and Horticultural techniques and we’d love to put that experience to work for you!

Hedge Trimming is best done in Fall & Winter

There is nothing as lovely as a rich green hedge - especially in an urban landscape. It provides privacy, and shade, and can be stunning year round. But a hedge does require trimming to keep it looking tidy, and promote proper growth. Many people make the mistake of trimming their hedge during the warmer months, inadvertently causing harm to their hedge.

Why trim your hedge in the fall or winter?

  • Cooler air protects your hedge - cutting your hedge does create an injury to the plant. The cooler air reduces the bacterial and microbial pests that could enter the freshly cut leaves and branches.
  • Fewer Leaves - Winter offers better visibility when trimming your hedge.
  • Less stressful on the hedge - Fewer leaves means less stress on the hedge as less water content will be lost from the cuts.
  • No Buds - This means that all the spring growth will be focussed on the areas where you want to see new growth. This is the best time to get a hedge to fill out in sparse areas.

Wether you have a deciduous, or evergreen hedge, give us a call, and let us help you keep your "green fence" green and healthy organically!

Hedge Trimming Services for customers in Surrey and throughout Metro Vancouver
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"We're in White Rock, and we had some challenging issues with our garden, but James provided us excellent, practical suggestions, most of which we went with. The staff are always friendly and quick to explain and inform. I would recommend Ladybug Landscaping to anyone."

DAVE ( White Rock )

"When we hired Ladybug in 2012 it was apparent James had extensive training in the field of landscaping and lawn care. The staff were polite and worked well during the times spent each week in lawn cutting during the season. When grass cutting was done, the clean-up was first class, the same when the garden work was done. We intend to keep using this company for our lawn and garden needs"



James and crew showed up on short notice and quickly tackled my sad, weed ridden garden. Within 2 hours, the place was looking magical. It is clear that James is very knowledgeable about all things garden, and his enthusiasm/professional was appreciated


The two guys Ladybug sent did outstanding work. They worked hard without wasting time. Their high level of knowledge and skill was evident in the results. They also did a careful and complete job of clean up at the end!


On time. All expected work complete to satisfaction. Knowledgeable about what they do. Highly recommended. Thanks for being as good as you are.

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