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Ladybug Landscaping is committed to promoting and providing natural garden care. Below you will find some natural, environmentally- friendly ways to keep your garden looking lush, green and beautiful.

Organic Garden Care Basics

  • Build healthy soil by amending it with compost
  • Plant each plant in its preferred sun and soil conditions
  • Give your plants some room to grow (i.e., consider the plant size at maturity)
  • Use mulch in beds and planters to reduce weeds and watering needs
  • Don’t over-water! Water early in the morning and use soaker hoses or water by hand at the base of the plant with misters or sprinkler attachments
  • Remove yard debris that can harbour pests and disease

Natural Weed Management

  • Use weed-free nursery stock and soils
  • Remove existing weeds before they set seed
  • Use organic mulch to suppress weed growth in beds
  • Select competitive plants such as non-invasive groundcovers and massed plantings to cover the soil surface.

Tips for natural, healthy lawns:

Mow High and Mow Often.
Set your mowing height at 5 or 6 cm and mow your lawn often. Never remove more than 1/3 of the total grass blade this can stress the grass. Longer grass provides shade to protect your lawn roots.

Mow and go!
Leave the clippings on the lawn. This is known as grasscycling and can supply almost 25 percent of the fertilizer needed by your lawn.

Water Roots Deeply
Water thoroughly, but infrequently (about 2x/week for 30 mins)
Early morning is the best time to water because the grass leaves will most effectively absorb the moisture.

Feed the Soil
Use Ladybug’s organic garden tea or compost. The best times to ammend your soil are early spring once the last frost has passed (mid April), mid summer (June), early fall (September) and late fall, before the winter sets in (late October – mid November).

Aerate and Thatch
Soil can get compacted from ordinary use, restricting air and water movement to the roots and attracts harmful insects to your lawn. Aeration and Thatching (Power-Raking) can relieve these unhealthy conditions. We recommend doing this on a yearly basis.

Reseed & Top Dress
Spreading grass seeds over your lawn, particularly on the thin patches in the spring or fall will thicken your lawn and crowd out weeds.

**Please ensure that you water a re-seeded lawn every morning
and evening for 7-10 days!! During the germination period, it is critical that the seed remain moist at all times.**

We look forward to making your garden shine. We hope that these tips assist you to fully enjoy your garden all year long!

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