Hedge Trimming Services for Surrey, White Rock, Delta Langley and surrounding areas


Hedge Trimming services in Surrey and throughout Metro Vancouver!

Fall is best time to trim hedges. No stress on the plants and they can thicken up on the sides for added privacy.

If you’re looking for a landscaping team to take care of your Hedge trimming in Surrey and all around Metro Vancouver, you've come to the right place!

We have over 18 years of experience in Organic Landscaping and Horticultural techniques and we’d love to put that experience to work for you!

Pruning & Tree Trimming: Why Do I Need to Prune & Trim?

The objective of pruning and trimming is to have strong and healthy plants, shrubs, hedges, and trees. Pruning is a key part of maximizing your landscape’s beauty and maintaining its ideal size.

Why Should I Hire a Professional?

  • Professionals know proper pruning techniques and have the right tools. Poor pruning can cause permanent damage.
  • We use high quality pruners, loppers, shears and trimmers, as well as proper orchard ladders when trimming and pruning for form and structure.
  • We also provide weeding and raking of garden beds as part of our yard cleanups and winterization packages.
  • Our tree and shrub experts can ensure your plants’ health and increase your blooms with a few well-timed pruning services.

What Time of Year Do I Need to Prune?

Tree pruning is best done in the Fall during your tree’s dormant months. (December through February. Flowering shrubs are best pruned after blooming periods (blooms have died)

Why risk harming your beautiful plants and trees when you can leave it to an expert?

Hedge Trimming Services for customers in Surrey and throughout Metro Vancouver
Allow us to assist you creating your perfect outdoor space

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"We're in White Rock, and we had some challenging issues with our garden, but James provided us excellent, practical suggestions, most of which we went with. The staff are always friendly and quick to explain and inform. I would recommend Ladybug Landscaping to anyone."

DAVE ( White Rock )

"Don't hesitate and waste time on others who claim to be a landscaper... Or some big chain who hands you a list to tick off, zero personality and adds this and that to jack up the prices... Been there, done that... Id rather have a family run business with something invested in a happy outcome."


"Great service, very friendly, always do 'a little more' they what they came to do. James can be harder to get a hold of during the busy season, which is understandable, but his service and great personality more than made up for it!"


"When we hired Ladybug in 2012 it was apparent James had extensive training in the field of landscaping and lawn care. The staff were polite and worked well during the times spent each week in lawn cutting during the season. When grass cutting was done, the clean-up was first class, the same when the garden work was done. We intend to keep using this company for our lawn and garden needs"


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