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Live Your Best Life!  That is the saying at Ladybug Landscaping.

With over 18 years of excellence and experience in the organic and natural landscape space, we are ready to expand our network of trained professionals to an ever wider network of thankful clients and neighbourhoods, including yours!  

If you are considering your next move in life, we are looking for people with a passion for the outdoors and that truly care about our planet and common Mother, Earth.  By servicing your neighbourhood with the organic lawn and landscape maintenance care packages that we provide, you will be able to net a tidy profit each and every month.  By serving your immediate community, your commute to work is negligible, affording you more time with your family! (Why not pop home for lunch?)

During this crazy time with the Covid crisis, we are all uncertain about our current jobs and our immediate futures.  Fortunately for us, we have been deemed an essential service, and have been able to keep going AND growing through this global pandemic!

Owning a blossoming franchise couldn't be easier. Rather than a career change, consider owning your own business with a trusted household name.

Ladybug Landscaping.

The Natural Choice for Your Garden.

Our clients

Serving Residential, Commercial and Strata customers around the lower Frasey Valley

"We're in White Rock, and we had some challenging issues with our garden, but James provided us excellent, practical suggestions, most of which we went with. The staff are always friendly and quick to explain and inform. I would recommend Ladybug Landscaping to anyone."

DAVE ( White Rock )

"Don't hesitate and waste time on others who claim to be a landscaper... Or some big chain who hands you a list to tick off, zero personality and adds this and that to jack up the prices... Been there, done that... Id rather have a family run business with something invested in a happy outcome."


"Great service, very friendly, always do 'a little more' they what they came to do. James can be harder to get a hold of during the busy season, which is understandable, but his service and great personality more than made up for it!"


"When we hired Ladybug in 2012 it was apparent James had extensive training in the field of landscaping and lawn care. The staff were polite and worked well during the times spent each week in lawn cutting during the season. When grass cutting was done, the clean-up was first class, the same when the garden work was done. We intend to keep using this company for our lawn and garden needs"


Specialized Company

We are a landscaping company specialized in organic and natural residential and commercial landscaping

Dependable Services

We love to take pride in the work we do. Each project is finished on time and budget

Reputable Company

Operating for more than 18 years, earning a reputation for service and beautiful work

Day Scheduling

We schedule regular appointments to visit your property on the same day and time of the week